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British Morning

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Following the rich tradition of breakfast teas, British Morning is a traditional and hearty breakfast tea, containing a mixture of strong black teas to create a full-bodied and robust infusion.  Imagine a British regular starting their day with a  vigorous cup of tea with a bit of sugar.  Rich and aromatic, British Morning is the proper way to get up and get going!

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Darjees Revolutionary Profile

In the decade preceding the Revolutionary war, England's King George II died in 1760 and was succeeded by his grandson, King George III, who was one of England's most controversial monarchs.  Changing administrations 7 times, the growing pains of liberty and equal government representation were building.  

England and France were global superpowers and with recently signed treaties to stabilize relations and control of lands, Canada fell to British control as national treasuries were at their extreme.  This paved the way for secured colonial trade and wealth.  England badly needed revenue and passed the Stamp Act and Townshend Acts as a result after 1763.  These Acts were immediately rejected by the American Colonists and fueled the seeds of rebellion.  The nation of France was also in decline and sided with the American Colonies, engaging in trade and providing military assistance.  It was only a matter of time as England, struggling with internal strife, capitulated to the American Colonies and their newly formed government and partnership with France.  The United States of America formed out of the ideals of patriots seeking freedom from tyranny, forming a philosophy of government embodying years of social and governmental evolution learned from both countries.

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