Welcome to a Revolutionary way to find a tea that is perfect for you!  

At Darjees Teabox Company, we know that teas come in many varieties, tastes and profiles and sometimes, well, its just plain confusing to find the right one.  So we created the TeaME profile to help you find your perfect tea based on your three characteristics (Type-Character-Intensity).  We've done all the hard work so you can find your teas in short order.

Determine your TeaME profile below and search for teas to your liking by simply entering one, two or all three of the TeaME characteristics.  

Begin your journey today!   

Type of Tea                   Character                 Intensity

B - Black                     A - Common               1 - Robust

G - Green                    B - Morning                 2 - Spicy

H - Herbal                   C -  Evening                 3 - Blended

W - White                    D -  Flavorable             4 - Flowery

R - Rooibos                 E -  Therapeutic           5 - Fruity

                                                                         6 - Earthy