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Darjees Teabox Company

Benedict's Hibiscus

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Benedict's Hibiscus brings the best of the citrus spectrum along with floral and medicinal herbs.  Benedict Arnold would have been pleased with this spicy cup.  This potpourri of colors and flavors brews a vibrant red cup and creates an atmosphere of restful pleasure. With the aroma of lavender to purify the mind and hibiscus blossoms to cleanse the body, the infusion overflows with the subtle magic of cloves and licorice root.  Enjoy this delightful herbal offering from the garden!

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Darjees Revolutionary Profile

Benedict Arnold (1741-1881).

"Let me die in this old uniform in which I fought my battles. May God forgive me for ever having put on another" 

Benedict Arnold was first and foremost a patriot, fighting for the cause of independence.  Injured three times in the left leg and promoted three hence, Benedict Arnold was conflicted in life with the need to be recognized.  In the end, he sought forgiveness.  George Washington respected him but passed over promotions for him on several occasions.  His marriage in April 1779 to Peggy Shippen, a tory loyalist, would begin his final act in a storied military career, eventually turned against America by crossing to the British Army.  He died in 1801 and was buried in England without military honors.  A century later his remains were accidentally moved to a mass grave during a church renovations due to a clerical error.

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