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Darjees Teabox Company

Abigail's Apricot

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Abigails's Apricot tea is a wonderful blend of tantalizing flavors and colors honoring none other than Abigail Adams.  This black tea supplies a rich foundation of full-bodied taste, while pieces of apricot nestle amongst the leaves, imparting a natural sweetness to this dark red infusion. Calendula (or marigold) enhance the blend with the floral fragrance of springtime, and introduce a spray of gold for eyes to please!

TEAME Profile:  BD5

Darjees Revolutionary Profile  

Abigail Adams (1744-1818). First Second Lady, second First Lady, first First Lady to live in what would become the White House.  She was a founder of the United States of America, closest advisor of John Adams during his presidency, and strong female voice in the American Revolution.