The Origins of Tea

Where the sky meets the sea, visions inspire countless generations.  It is believed that Tea was discovered by a chance encounter between wind and a pot of boiling water on the veranda of the Chinese Emperor Shennong, around 2737 AD.  

At this time in history, hot water was thought to have medicinal benefits.  Legend says that on one such occasion, a servant was preparing a pot of boiling water when wind blew a leaf from a nearby wild bush into the water unnoticed.  The Emperor was served the pot of water and immediately became interested in the pleasant scent of the resulting brew and drank some.  Emperor Shennong was known to history as an herbalist and Tea became an important part of Chinese Society, added as nutrients in food, an antidote for poison, and an aid to digestion.  To this day, tea is the drink of choice following a meal in Chinese Society.  

Tea became a major import to England in the 1700's, and played a central role in two wars, one of which was the American Revolution in 1776 where the taxation of tea and other goods became a central grievance of the American Colonists.  Over time, American became a Nation and Tea become the most widely consumed beverage, currently estimated at 80% of the worlds population.  

The relevance of Tea is visible worldwide in many cultures in the form of rituals, meditations, religious ceremonies, agriculture and trade.  At Darjees Teabox Company, we bring the history of tea to your cup by stepping back in history to a time when Tea was the most relevant to our everyday lives and birth of a new nation.  Come and join our revolution!

Steep, relax, learn and Enjoy life...Drink tea!