Our Story

Darjees Teabox Company began with the search for a great iced tea!  In May of 2016, I was searching for a great tasting iced tea.  The store bought teas were not enough to satisfy my craving for perfect iced tea.  Finally, my search was over, coming across the perfect blend of Raspberry Leaf Black tea.  I served it to my daughter, Rachel, who said, "Dad, you should sell this tea!"

In June 2017, I opened the Darjees Teabox Company, offering Rachel's Raspberry Iced Tea at the Sanford Magnolia Square Farmer's Market.  Not knowing where Rachel's Raspberry Iced Tea would take me, I continued to build on the concept to "Enjoy life...Drink Tea!", with focus on the most important time in our American history, the founding of the United States of America.  We have since expanded our product offerings, including on-line at DarjeesTea.com

                              "e pluribus unum" (Out of many, one)

The taxation of tea sowed the seeds of the American Revolution in colonial Boston in late 1773, as a growing melting pot of people, wanted to live out their lives, free and independent.  A new Nation was forged and we declared ourselves to be the United States of America. 

Tea is a part of all of us.  It's our connection to the world and at Darjees Teabox Company, we serve to remind our customers of the founding of our great Nation through themed-named teas and references to important places and events.  Going forward, we are all stewards of this great Nation; as immigrants, we are one; as tea drinkers, we are the world.  

Thank you for supporting our mission.

The Darjees Teabox Company

Enjoy life...Drink tea!